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This safety oriented website is dedicated to airspace issues involving USDA-Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Airspace issues are constantly changing as a result of our current national situation. Temporary Flight Restrictions are not only for wildfire or disaster related situations but now encompass homeland security issues and public safety.

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) graphical depictions and TFR NOTAM (Notification to Airmen) text are available from a variety of sources. It is important to be aware of how often the websites are updated as TFR's can (and do) frequently change.

Pilots should always obtain current flight information from the FAA. A complete pre-flight briefing should always be obtained before attempting any flight in the National Airspace System (NAS).

Additional information about wildfires maybe obtained by visiting the National Interagency Fire Center.

For more information or comments about this website, contact Julie J. Stewart, USFS/BLM National Airspace Program Manager.

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FTA = Fire Traffic Area ... What is it?
The initial attack airspace structure over wildland fire.
Click graphic to watch animation.

TFR Graphical Depiction Sites

  1. US NOTAM Office Website/Defense Internet NOTAM System (aka DINS). This Site provides real time access to current NOTAM information which is derived from the FAA Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center in Warrenton, VA. It is updated in REAL time, unfortunately, it is text only as the graphical depictions were disabled in 2011. Current NOTAMs are accessed by selecting the "ARTCC TFR's" button and scrolling to the appropriate ARTCC (Map of Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs) boundaries).

    The DINS page incorporates many features to assist the user when retrieving NOTAM requests. Real time NOTAM data is available, and contains all NOTAMs validated by the U.S. NOTAM System (USNS), which includes domestic, international, military and from Flight Data Centers (FDC). When using DINS you must add a “K” to the common 3 letter designators from the FAA such as KZSE or KZLC.

  2. FAA - TFR List - This is from FAA Headquarters. There is sometimes a 30-45 minutes delay before the TFR shows up on the website (it is posted on DINS in real time.) To see the actual NOTAM text, click on the NOTAM number, then click on the box that states “NOTAM Text.” To see the graphic, click on the depicted graphic or on the box that says “Click for Sectional.” The TFRs may sorted by the bars across the top (Date, Facility, State, Type) or by using the selection boxes above the TFR listings for State, Centers or Type.

  3. FAA - TFR Map - Select by State or Center or click on the map to zoom in. Below the map will be a list of the TFRs that are displayed.

  4. Pilot Web - An FAA sponsored page that provide General Aviation (GA) Pilots with access to the following information: Flight Safety NOTAMS, Weather, Graphical TFR depictions, Radius Search (NOTAM), Flight path search (NOTAM), WAAS availability and other information pertinent to pilots.

  5. NOTAM Entry System (NES) - The NOTAM Entry System (NES) allows authorized users with Certificates to enter draft or candidate TFR requests to the FAA ARTCC. This allows the ARTCC to forward the TFR request to the US NOTAM Office (USNOF) for entry into the US NOTAM system (USNS). The system is currently being used to enter FDC, TFR and Center NOTAMS.