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The Interagency Airspace Coordination Guide is complete and was signed on July 29, 2003. This Guide will replace the signed 1991 version (and also the 1999 Draft that was previously located on this website.) Letters commenting on the Guide from the Air Force and AOPA.

Here is a FAQ. If you have additional questions about the guide, you can contact the team leader Julie Stewart at Download the entire guide as one PDF (288 pages, 14,262 kb)

Interagency Airspace Coordination Guide
Cover Page and Table of Contents
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Zip file to create a Guide CD
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1. Introduction
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2. Agency Organizations Roles and Responsibilities and Airspace Committees
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3. Airspace Basics
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4. Airspace Hazards and Conditions
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5. Tools/Skills
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6. Temporary Flight Restrictions and Advisory NOTAMS
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7. Airspace Deconfliction
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8. Airspace Conflicts
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9. NEPA and Airspace
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10. Providing a Local Airspace Program
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11. Temporary Towers and Airport Closures
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12. Airspace Agreements
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A. Acronyms
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B. Weblinks
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C. Ordering Information
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D. Interagency Airspace/Natural Resource Coordination Group (IANRCG)
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E. List of Forms/Checklists in the Interagency Airspace Coordination Guide
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F. Military Flights Over the Desert
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G. 1255 Transponder Code History
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H. Airspace Guide Revision Members
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I. Position Titles
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J. Interagency Airspace Agreement Regarding 2000 Advisory
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